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大學英語精讀第三版第二冊 Book2Unit4 答案 上海外語教育出版社 董亞芬主編 1) few 2) A little 3) little 4) few 5) a few little 6) a few few 7) little 8) few 1) function 2) corresponded with each other 3) immune to 4) at ease 5) displayed 6) approach 7) puzzle 8) a household word 9) capable of carrying out 10) so much so that 1) a series of 2) approaches 3) are pursuing 4) ambition 5) fame 6) come to terms with 7) work out 8) singled out 9) personality 10) taken apart 11) at ease 12) observe 13) modest 14) application 15) curiosity 16) solutions 1) He writes exclusively for the "Washington Post". 2) The friendship your people have for our people impressed me deeply during my visit in your country./ I was deeply impressed during my visit in your country by the friendship your people have for our people. 3) It took Joe a long time to come to terms with the fact that he would no longer be able to go sailing again.

4) Jim's grandfather believes more in fresh air and exercise than in medicine. 5) Owing to his poor education he was frustrated in his attempt to find a good job. 6) Most American cities are relatively small in terms of population when compared to Chinese cities like Shanghai and Beijing. 1) emotional 2) angry 3) ic 4) exclusive 5) famous 6) jealous 7) safe 8) simple 9) important 10) valuable 11) central 12) delightful/delighted 13) feasible 14) fortunate 15) personal 16) capable 17) sandy 18) original 19) curious 20) easy 1) typewriter 2) honeymoon 3) airport 4) schoolmaster 5) necklace 6) eyesight 7) loudspeaker 8) sunrise 9) heartbeat 10) blood-test 11) motorcycle 12) crossroad 13) spaceship 14) superpower 15) lifeboat 16) rainstorm

1) handbook/handmade/handsaw/handshake/handwork/handwriting 2) housebreaker/housekeep/housekeeper/house arrest/housemate/housework 3) workbook/workday/workmate/workshop/worksite/worktable 4) bookkeeper/bookmark/book review/bookseller/bookshelf/bookstall 5) riverside/roadside/bedside/dockside/inside/outside 6) classroom/living room/reading room/waiting room/consulting room/dark room 1) a drop of blood 2) a grain of wheat 3) a length of rope 4) a lump of sugar 5) a ball of string 6) a block of marble 7) a roll of toilet paper 8) a helping of pie 9) a blanket of heavy mist 10) a slice of beef 1) Joe's father was seen to return after dark. 2) The wind was heard to roar through the trees. 3) I don't think Tom can be made to take the boss's orders. 4) The young man was seen to enter the building next to the bank. 5) When she was in Shanghai the actress was heard to say she had long thought of this city as her second home. 6) After the minister of education had finished speaking at the press conference, he was made to answer all sorts of questions. 1) The doctor advised (that) Mike (should) stay in hospital until he was fully recovered. 2) Cathy's father insisted (that) she (should) take a two-week rest before going back to work. 3) The chairman of the Trade Union suggested (that) a special committee (should) be set up to look into the problem./ The chairman of the Trade Union suggested (that) they set up a special committee to look into the problem. 4) The commander ordered (that) our company (should) start the attack before dawn. 5) Knowing Jack to be dishonest, I demanded (that) he (should) tell me nothing but the truth. 6) The dean of the philosophy department requested (that) the visiting scholar (should) give a lecture on Sartre. 1) bewildered 2) impressed 3) modest 4) profound

5) displayed 6) ambition 7) singled out 8) puzzle 9) capable 10) at ease 1) by 2) with 3) listened 4) gave 5) told 6) lecture 7) sure 8) Why 9) for 10) agreed 11) two 12) hall 13) before 14) place 15) began 16) single 17) success 18) people 19) shaking 20) followed 21) before 22) stopped 23) a 24) listened 25) not 26) nodded 27) did 28) thought 29) but 30) order 31) was 32) answer 1) childhood 2) a slow start 3) mathematics 4) grew up

5) devote himself to research 6) world-famous 7) explain 8) you think it's two hours 9) the physical world 10) conquer 翻譯 1) 那小女孩跑得太快,身體一下失去平衡,跌倒了。

The little girl ran so fast that she was thrown off balance and fell over / down. 但我對 2) 他致力于研究工作的精神 (devotion to research) 給我留下了很深印象, 他那些深奧的理論絲毫不感興趣。

I was impressed by his devotion to research but I did not have the slightest interest in his profound theories. 3) 千萬別說可能會被人誤解的話。

Be sure not to say anything capable of being misunderstood. 4) 我被他們互相的意見搞糊涂了,不知如何去做才是。

I was so bewildered by their conflicting advice that I did not know how to act/what to do. 5) 起初,這個復雜問題使他們感到灰心喪氣,但經過仔細思考后他們終于研究 出了解決辦法。

At first this complicated problem frustrated them, but after thinking it over carefully they finally worked out a solution. 6) 體育代表團團長在少先隊員向他獻上一束鮮花時愉快地笑了。

The head of the sports delegation beamed with delight when a young pioneer presented him with a bunch of flowers. 7) 這學期我們都學習得不錯,我真不明白為什么我們的英語老師單單表揚了班 長一個人。

I really don't see why our English teacher should single out our monitor for praise since we have all done quite well this term. 8) 我相信比較高級的| (higher) |動物是由比較低級的|(lower)|動物進化而來| (develop from)|的這一學說。

I believe in the theory that the higher animals developed from the lower ones.

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